Beefeater Gin is currently perceived by many as traditional and safe. The challenge was to give the brand a modern twist adding personality to the Beefeater, whilst playing on its quintessentially British qualities. The solution came in the form of an umbrella, a device that adds daring and dynamism to the Beefeater. This lighthearted icon plays on the notoriously unpredictable British weather, after all the Beefeater is going to need to keep his gin DRY.
The eccentric Beefeater character is printed on the front of the bottle, above the logotype label, which is designed to be reminiscent of London Street signs, in terms of both colour and typography. The linear black illustration of London drawn by myself, incorporates both historic elements of the iconic London skyline such as Tower Bridge and newer additions such as The Shard. This creates a balance between tradition and modernism within the design. The skyline is printed onto the back of the bottle and so adds a sense of depth.